• See Temba Safari from the air!
  • Guests at Temba Safari are not only pampered with excellent food and service. They also get the chance to walk around on their own in the South African bush among impalas, zebras and giraffes - just outside the thatched luxury lodge.
  • Riding in the bush and seeing the giraffes up close is one of the tours that we at Temba can arrange for you during your stay.
  • Have you always dreamt of riding on an elephant - we can arrange that too.
  • On a visit to one of the nearby national parks you will get the chance to see even more of the fascinating creatures of South Africa.
  • On Temba you can walk around on your own and see zebras, impalas and giraffes.
  • During your stay at Temba you will have the pleasure of our english speaking nature guide who will take you on game drives and tell you all about the nature of South Africa.
  • The buildings have recently been renovated and the lodge is perfect for a relaxing time between the tours.
  • The red soil is characteristic for the South African bush - our nature guide at Temba can tell you all about it.
  • When meeting a giraffe flock at Temba you will often see them just standing and staring at you. They are as curious as you are.
  • We have two swimming pools at Temba - and then one pool for the animals. You can see the animals from the lodge, when they come to drink water.
  • Dinner is served underneath the trees to the sound of crickets - and nothing else. Temba is truly a place of complete peace and relaxation.

Temba Safari – a place of calmness and the experience of nature for the whole family

As a guest at Temba Safari you won’t just be pampered with good food and brilliant service, you will also have the opportunity to walk around on your own, in the South African bush among impalas, zebras and giraffes – right outside the thatched luxury lodge.

Go hunting – explore –enjoy a relaxed holiday

Whether you wish to relax in the calmness of the African nature, go hunting, or experience The Big Five, Temba Safari is a great base for a holiday experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. You can choose between our many activities that range from safari- and hunting trips in the nearby Game Reserves to cultural trips to local villages.

Small groups – big nature experiences

Temba Safari is a small, exclusive holiday retreat with room for 12-14 guests. We are located on a 700 hectare malaria free area, which has an astonishing variation of landscapes, with a vast number of tracks for hiking and observation posts for those, who wish to experience the African bush at close hold. The wildlife is overwhelming – and quite harmless.

Did you know…

  • that Temba in Zulu means hope?
  • that we only have 12-14 guests at a time?
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