Activities at Temba

Activities at Temba

Included in the price are different activities that you can choose to participate in depending on the day and other possible activities. You are also welcome to use the shared facilities from the Pool and Lounge to the many vehicles, that can take you anywhere you wish in the bush.

Included in the price for a normal stay:

Traditional African champagne-brunch at Paradise Bush

Brunch takes on a different meaning when it is served in exotic surroundings, in the early morning, under the shadow of an acacia tree – right in the middle of the African nature. And to top it all off, it is a delicious brunch with lots of fresh fruit.

“My family and I fully enjoyed to pack the coolbag and drive into the wild nature, while still being safe and where you almost all the time have an idea of where you are….You can stop and have a break, follow animal tracks, collect ostrich feathers…a nice break on your own”

Four guided photo safaris at Temba Safari:

  • 1 guided hiking trek focusing on the local flora and fauna

Accompanied by Francois, you get into the bush by foot. On this trip, it is the African flora and fauna that is the main focus. You will learn about animal tracks, animal excrements, methods of survival in the bush and much more. It will come as a big surprise for most that almost every single plant or tree has a purpose and can be used for health or edible purposes.

  • 1 morning game-drive

From our own new game-drive car you can experience how nature awakes with the morning haze, a truly special light and a silence which is almost striking. The animals are most active in the morning so there is plenty to see and take pictures of.

  • 1 afternoon game-drive

The best time to see small exotic animals and insects is in the middle of the day, where the larger animals crowd under the shadow of the trees. The afternoon is ideal for observing the abundant bird life. And late afternoon the animals seek towards the watering holes.

  • 1 night game-drive

A fascinating drive, where eyes shine in the light from the car, and where spotlights catch the animals that are active at night. Nights are usually the coldest time of the day, which means there is a special sharpness in the air.


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