De Wildt Cheetah & Wildlife Centre

Come close to the endangered species, as we experience the unusually beautiful and rare king cheetah that De Wildt has raised successfully

De Wildt Cheetah & Wildlife Centre

De Wildt is famous for his success in raising rare and endangered species.

The very rare king cheetah was raised here first and he obtained a similar success raising African wild dogs, brown hyenas, blue duikers, suni antelopes and several vulture and owl species.

De Wildt Cheetah & Wildlife Centre is situated at the bottom of Magaliesberg Mountains surrounded by open African grass steppes and a panorama view to the north. In this landscape you can get close to the wild animals and learn interesting things about their nature, habitats, and their ways of living during a safari tour in an open vehicle with an experienced guide.

De Wildt Cheetah & Wildlife Centre
Duration The tour lasts for 3 hours departing at 8.30 and 13.30
Transportation 2½-3 hour drive
Food, beverages Food and drinks are not included in the price
Please notice This trip can be combined with the journey home
Marken, South Africa
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