Elephant back Safari

Experience the Big Five (lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and rhinos) from the back of an elephant

Safari on the back of an elephant

It does not get more African than a safari among big game on the back of an elephant.

Before the trip in the mountainous Shambalal Game Reserve you will have the opportunity to meet the elephants face to face while enjoying refreshments and a light meal.

Every elephant is controlled by an experienced elephant trainer, who will share his great knowledge about the bush in fluent English, and the flock is carefully followed by an armed guard on foot. You are most welcome to take pictures along the way.

After the trip you can relax and have something to eat, while sharing this unique experience with the other participants.

Shambala Game Reserve is situated on a 12000 hectares game reserve at the heart of the majestic Waterberg Mountains, 20 km from Vaalwater in the Limpopo province. If you are lucky, you can see the African Big Five, lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos, as well as other animals such as cheetahs, African wild dogs and the endangered black rhino plus most other wild species indigenous to the area.

Elephant back Safari
Duration 2 hours
Transportation 1 hour drive each way
Price incl. 14% VAT Price pr. person: 2.650 ZAR
Additional cost when less than 4 persons: 350 ZAR
Food, beverages Refreshments and a light meal during and after the trip are included in the price



Marken, South Africa
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