Safari tours – Shelanti

Experience the animals, when they are most active – in the morning – and enjoy your breakfast in the open

Morning safari – Shelanti

Give yourself the experience of getting up early to be picked up for a great experience. You are taken to the big game farm, Shelanti, from where we leave for the bush in an open vehicle along with an experienced driver to come close to the African animal life when it is most active and when there is most to talk about.

On the way, we will make a stop in an area where you can enjoy your breakfast in the open.

Morning safari trip – Shelanti
Duration Departure: Early morning. Return: Before lunch
Transportation ½ hour drive each way
Food, beverages Food and drinks are not included in the price

Enjoy an authentic African feast under starry sky at Pride Rock – better known from “Lion King” as the rock where Rafiki raises newborn Simba for everyone to see.

Night safari – Shelanti

This trip is the most romantic experience you can imagine with a feast on white tableclothes under the sparkling stars, to the sound of the African night.

First you are taken on a safari in an open vehicle among the wild animals of the bush under the guidance of an experienced tour guide. After this the trip, we head for Pride Rock where dinner awaits.

And yes, even though “Lion King” is an animated movie you won´t have any doubts that Pride Rock is the rock from the movie.

From the top of the famous rock you can enjoy the sunset, while the chef prepares the food which is a typical African feast with steaks, boerewors (pork sausage), pap (an African kind of porridge), nice South African wine and a genuine African atmosphere.

A night at Pride Rock is a unique experience for everyone.

Night safari – Shelanti
Duration Departure: Middle of the afternoon. Return: Around 23
Transportation ½ hour drive each way
Food and beverages Food and drinks are included in the price

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