White lions in Mama Tau

Come close to the rare white lions, that are raised in the beautiful wildlife reserve Mama Tau

White lions in Mama Tau

The white lion’s unusual color is caused by a recessive gene which results in the white fur, which according to legend, represents the good to be found in all creatures.

In the privately owned reserve Mama Tau, which means “mother of lions” in the sotho-language, they systematically breed the beautiful white lion, which can only be found in a very small number in captivity. Here the white lions are circulating freely in a large enclosure, along with the normal brown lions. On a guided tour in a comfortable, open vehicle, you will experience these wonderful predators at close hold.

Mama Tau is a beautiful 3000 hectares reserve, situated in the heart of Waterberg Bushveld in the western part of the Limpopo province. A hilly area with unspoiled nature and an abundant bird life.

The tour can with advantage be combined with a sunset tour at Palala River.


White lions at Mama Tau
Duration Guided tours of about two hours
Transportation time 1½ hour drive each way
Price incl. 14% VAT Price pr. person: 750 ZAR
Additional cost when less than four persons: 400 ZAR
Food, beverages Not included
Please note The tour can be combined with a sunset tour on Palala River.
Pris pr. person: 1.100 ZAR
Additional cost when less than four persons: 700 ZAR
Marken, South Africa
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